FEELINGS..QUALITY SERVICE, FIRST TIME EVERY TIME. Powerful customer service programme that has been conducted for the past 12 years. Can be conducted including our drums using music as the metaphor for learning and fun.

CORPORATE SOLDIERS LASER TAG - TEAMBUILDING + RELATIONSHIP SELLING. This is our hybrid teambuilding programme which combines teambuilding with Relationship Selling, learning from SUN TZU Art of War 

SOAR TO THE TOP. Learn from the eagle the 4 keys to self-motivation and personal success.

CORPORATE SOLDIERS LASER TAG - TEAMBUILDING + CUSTOMER LOYALTY. This is our hybrid teambuilding programme which combines teambuilding with customer service workshop

Drum Circle Playshop (DCP)

GoTeam's most popular Teambuilding programme - DRUM CIRCLE PLAYSHOP (DCP) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We can cater from 30 pax to 650 pax. Every participant get to use their own drum, a real musical instrument. Yes, we have that many drums.

This is probably one of the very few teambuilding programmes in the market where the entire team from 30 pax - 650 pax are involved in 1 single activity to achieve a single goal (THE ORCHESTRA) from start till end. Unlike some teambuilding programmes where the group is divided into small teams and they compete among themselves. This in actual fact does not promote team spirit as a company, but instead reinforces "turfing mentality", departmental competition and self-preservation.

Being a HYBRID Teambuilding programme, our Drum Circle Playshop can be combined with learning subjects such as Customer Service, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence as well as our very own Performance Under Pressure (PUP) programme. 


AMAZING RACE KRABI. Most affordable programme. Enjoy Thailand, its food, culture and great activities. 

SINK OR SWIM - Back to the Nature . . Back to the Basics. White water rafting and campfire drum circle playshop right in the forest and next to the river. 

Musical Team Building Malaysia & Asia Pacific

DRUM CIRCLE PLAYSHOP - Building Teams Through Rhythm

Laser Tag Wargame

Either as a pure Teambuilding or Treasure Hunt event or combine with Training & Development workshops on Sales Strategy / Leadership Skills using SUN TZU ART OF WAR 

2-in-1 Hybrid Annual Dinner cum Teambuilding

Why not? Looking for a unique event this year? 1 stone kill 2 birds, saving must costs and time away from work. Your boss will love this idea and so will your staff - because it has never been done before! team building malaysia training consultants drum

GoTeams International

TRANSFORMING MANAGERS INTO SERVICE LEADERS. This is a leadership programme focusing on customer management skills.

LOYAL FOR LIFE. This programme focuses on the critical area in customer service - SERVICE RECOVERY,  but always neglected - what do you do when things go wrong?


Established since 2003

PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE + EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT).  Workshop on stress management and emotional wellness. Also will teach on using the EFT method to counter emotional baggages that causes negative behaviours. 

HIGH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ). Using a very simple K.A.B Model for learnin, leading to enhanced EQ for self and social.